Website Styles & Packages

Four different Web Design platforms packages to choose from and 1000′s of website  themes

Website Designs for Business Start-up’s 

Fully responsive fluid-layout websites designs (see below) to suit all your needs, if you are a small business or in start-up we have a package for you. go to our business start-up page to see full range of services we can offer you. Two to four page fluid-layout responsive website with full SEO and keyword package from €550, ideal for your first website

Munster sewage systems       The Website Builder Cork         A Class shutters


Websites styles and packages

Fully responsive fluid-layout websites designs (see below) to suit all your business needs, three designs styles to choose from. Fully interactive add maps, video, brochures, have pop-up, blog, news updates section and link to your social media pages. Run online marketing campaigns to and from your website. Your website will be build  so it can be updated and changed easily even major chances. Prices from €890

Choose your style of website below;

Template style with responsive fluid-layout:

 Irish Nurse Training        The Website Builder Cork

Blank template style with responsive fluid-layout:

 West End Cycles        The Website Builder Cork        Cork Drain services


Responsive-layout Template Style website hundreds of templates to choose from (click here) , from here the world is your oyster with this style of website you have a huge array of plugins and widgets to work within your website, you can add maps, video, brochures, have pop-up, blog, news updates section and link to your social media pages, you can also upgrade your site to e-Commerce’s at little cost. prices from €1,995

 View My Home    wordpress respon    Sportscam     Website builder

eCommerce’s Websites  Responsive-layout Style

Bring your business on-line with Website Builder, we offer you a range of online shop windows to get you up and running. Ecommerce has allowed firms to establish a market presence, or to enhance an existing market position, by providing a cheaper and more efficient distribution chain for their products or services. 

   e wordpress-ecommerce-theme-eshop      e com    Shopping

 For more information on any of the above:

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What is the exact difference between fluid and responsive design?

The main difference is that Fluid Layouts (also called Liquid Layouts) are based on proportionally laying out your website so elements take up the same percent of space on different screen sizes, while Responsive Design uses CSS Media Queries to present different layouts based on screen sizes/type of screen. For some examples of both kinds of design, see Inspiration: Fluid & Responsive Design.

Fluid’s intent is to keep the same spatial weighting to all elements, and works well on different sizes of screens of the same sort. They tend to look okay on a 32″, high resolution monitor and a 12″ lower resolution laptop. They’re pretty easy to implement.

Responsive design’s intent is to serve different devices layouts tailored specifically for the type of screen. Your site’s layout will generally be cut down to a single column on a smartphone for example.